Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where Were You Wednesday

My friend Monica over at Monica's Mom Musings has started a new fun weekly blog sharing project!
Make sure you check it out!
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and be sure to add your post and share with the other readers! This will help strike up some memories!
Looking forward to sharing with everyone!
This week Monica asked that we share the photo in our 9th online photo album and the 3rd photo in that album. Back in May 2012 after seeing the Avengers, my son was in love with the character Thor. He just had to have the Thor hammer and used an old receiving blanket as a cape. This Halloween he is hoping to be Thor and he has been attempting to grow out his hair!
Hop on over and join in the fun!


  1. so cute I love it :)I was telling Monica I wish I could link up but my computer with all the pictures on it is getting fixed :( Hopefully I have it back by next week to join you guys!

  2. Our boys are so silly aren't they Erin? I hope you find him a Thor costume. Thanks for linking up.